In preparation for reopening to conferences and events later in the year, Unique Venues Birmingham have developed a brand new conferencing package to allow event organisers to live stream their conferences to thousands of delegates worldwide.

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Attach this package to any of our theatre or event conference bookings to ensure a high quality of presentation and impressive staging in one of their stunning theatres or conference spaces. All without needing delegates to attend the venue.

Event organisers can host their conferences at UVB and take advantage of their technology set up to broadcast their conference to delegates in their home offices. This package aims to allow large conferences and seminars to take place while still adhering to social distancing guidelines and complying with many organisations’ new guidelines regarding unnecessary travel, social distancing and working from home policies. Now with the option to live stream events with full AV support from an experience team and to have the virtual event managed on their behalf, conference organisers can continue to deliver their events.

The new virtual conference package allows for team discussions, polls and Q&A sessions to become part of the live streamed events. The use of Slido, a unique interactive platform, allows remote delegates to seamlessly participate in live polls, and Q&As which are beneficial for speakers to get a quick sense of what the audience thinks about a subject, a pulse check, or just to keep the audience engaged.

Suzanna Reid Barreiro da Silva, Commercial Director at UVB says “In light of the significant changes to our industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at UVB have pivoted our business to allow for conferencing and events to continue when it is safe to do so. With the addition of our live streaming virtual conferencing package, we hope to reach a range of event organisers who are keen to continue with their planned events in late 2020 and beyond. We hope to incorporate this package into the new way of doing things once the peak of the pandemic has passed and we have adapted the new normal.”

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