Tech, Creative and Digital

Technology is thriving in the West Midlands, and our growing pool of talented people are always looking to the future.

The UK’s fastest-growing tech cluster, with a workforce expected to double by 2025, and home to the country’s first multi-city 5G testbed, the West Midlands is primed with opportunities to test and develop cross-cutting innovation across high growth industries of the future, such as Industry 4.0; low carbon tech; data-driven healthcare; smart cities; and cybersecurity.

As a result, the region is recognised as the largest emerging technologies cluster outside London, hosting the largest spread of up-and-coming tech strengths, and the highest number of companies developing new tech of any other UK region – especially in tech and creative, where there are more companies across specialisms including digital transformation; gaming; immersive tech; process automation and software development.

This landscape for disruption offers both ambitious start-ups and established companies with high growth plans a fertile landing ground to access or create new tech-based markets, especially in green and sustainable technologies; connected and automated mobility (CAM); automotive electrification; and professional and financial services, where there is already a clear evidence base of success.

Don't forget...

  • The West Midlands’ digital sector was named the UK’s fastest growing region in 2021
  • Our technology hubs are supported by nine leading universities
  • Ground-breaking tech, like 5G connectivity, is being tested here first
  • Here, there is a 65,000-strong tech employment base within 45 minutes of central Birmingham
  • This is the largest emerging tech cluster outside London, and leads in 10 key specialisms

Did you know?

  • The West Midlands is on track to create an extra 52,000 digital tech jobs and grow by £2.7 billion by 2025
  • Birmingham hosted the inaugural Esports Championships at the ICC in 2022