Our Vision

Our vision is for the West Midlands to become known globally for being a great sporting city region, hosting major sporting events, conferences and exhibitions which deliver positive benefit for our partners, businesses and communities.


Our Approach

Deliver a global Heart of Sport campaign which will elevate our profile and status nationally and internationally and actively promote our world class hosting credentials and venues.

Work proactively with International Federations, National Governing Bodies, Rights Holders and partner organisations in the sports sector and economy to grow our pipeline and attract new business opportunities for the region.

Use our West Midlands Major Event Evaluation Framework to evaluate new and emerging opportunities and attract and host events which align with our values and deliver Return on Investment and Value for Money.


Our Guiding Values

We are a welcoming, young, inclusive city region which supports and celebrates our diverse and dynamic communities.

We aim to be bold, innovative and sustainable in our choices in helping to support and grow our existing world class event portfolio as well as attracting new and exciting formats and sports properties.

We will work collaboratively with public, private and voluntary community partners across the West Midlands to support the growth of our sporting portfolio of major events, conferences and exhibitions.


Our Outcomes

Media Profile & Image - enhancing our status nationally and internationally as a world class major events region

Business & Economy - providing opportunities for businesses and the economy and help stimulate economic and employment growth

Engagement & Participation - encouraging citizens of all abilities and ages to watch, take part and improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing

Environment & Infrastructure - enhancing environments, infrastructure and improving facilities and supporting sustainable practices in event delivery

Employment & Skills - developing and promoting volunteering, leadership and apprenticeship opportunities to enhance the skills, capacity and employability of our communities

Social Inclusion & Diversity - considering our diverse communities to ensure they are inclusive and connect with our citizens in a way that helps to deliver civic pride and cohesion

Power & Partnerships - supporting good ethical governance, providing leverage and soft power to position the region as a leading force in international sport and supporting our partnership programmes across the region