Low Carbon

Welcome to the home of the green industrial revolution.

With low-carbon representing the fastest growing sector in its £105bn economy, the West Midlands is poised to lead Britain’s Green Industrial Revolution. Here, we are simultaneously advancing several vital, interconnected infrastructure systems across energy, mobility, manufacturing, and housing, to deliver holistic and impactful low carbon solutions.

Unrivalled as the automotive capital of the UK (responsible for a third of all British made cars), the West Midlands is harnessing its transport heritage to pioneer cutting-edge new technologies in zero emission travel. From electric vehicle supply chain to Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) and Very Light Rail (VLR); major West Midlands-headquartered brands including Jaguar Land Rover, the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC), HORIBA MIRA and Aston Martin are at the vanguard of the UK’s Electric Vehicle revolution.

Beyond tailpipe emissions, local expertise in systemwide decarbonisation is redefining the future of energy generation, storage, and distribution, compounded by smart energy systems. The West Midlands is the only UK region with designated Energy Innovation Zones and sits at the heart of the UK’s transmission and distribution infrastructure, with National Grid and Cadent Gas headquartered in the region. We believe in a greener, cleaner future and here in the West Midlands, we’re working hard to see it happen.

Don't forget...

  • The West Midlands has set its own target to develop a net zero local economy by 2041
  • We’re home to 5,100 low carbon businesses
  • Low carbon is the fastest growing economic sector in the region right now
  • Our low carbon sector employs 97,000 people – the highest concentration anywhere in the UK
  • We’re home to the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre, paving the way for next-generation battery production

Did you know?

  • The low carbon industry in the West Midlands is still growing, with 21,000 new jobs set to be created by 2026