Maximise the reach and impact of your event at Millennium Point by adding one of our Live Video Streaming bolt-ons to your events package. Our award-winning venue prides itself on being forward thinking and always looking ahead for new and exciting ways to enhance our clients event experience. That’s why we’ve created a fantastic package that offers professional and affordable live streaming services designed to ensure that your delegates can enjoy your event wherever they are.

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Our experienced technical team will deliver the live stream where delegates can log-in and view via a secure link. Our team will work with you to ensure the content is optimised for a slick and professional experience for your delegates, include multi-screen functionality allowing simultaneous viewing of speakers and presentations. Streaming is suitable for events lasting up to 8-hours long and can be made available after the event for you to publish on your own video platforms.


  • Reach a new audience by providing an opportunity to “virtually” attend your event.
  • Eliminate logistical and travel challenges for delegates who otherwise would not be able to attend.
  • Widen the scope and impact by increasing the number of delegates at your event beyond physical capacity.
  • Benefit from a lasting catalogue of your event which can be shared online.
  • Make your event more accessible and forward thinking.


  • 2 x cameras – One locked off camera set wide and the other camera is manned to follow any movement of the presenter.
  • 1 x Vision mixer to cut between cameras and slides. With the option have both the presenter slides and presenter on screen at the same time so their slides progress with the presentation if required.
  • 1 x Encoder to stream live.
  • Millennium Point events landing page which contains the viewer window for clients to watch the stream.
  • Password protected link to distribute to viewers.
  • We can if required have both the presenter slides and presenter on screen at the same time so their slides progress with the presentation.
  • Data for up to 100 online delegates for up to 8 hrs. For an additional £300 plus VAT can upgrade to unlimited delegates online.

    This is a special set package price offered subject to availability for events taking place before end of December 2020. The package price quoted is in addition to the relevant room hire / delegate package needed. The live streaming can be hosted from any of our meeting & event spaces. All staff providing this service will adhere to the specific social distancing guidelines in force at the time of the event taking place. Further details here.