Unique Venues Birmingham (UVB), prides itself on its superb customer service, and yet knew that operating their business across two different buildings, could potentially challenge their events management team to be on hand as quickly as possible for event organisers.

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To overcome the challenge, UVB have worked closely with hospitality management software company, Dinggly, to develop and create an innovative, tailor-made paging system that would work for UVB and more importantly their clients.

Using smart technology, each event organiser is issued with a tablet with a clear, user-friendly interface so with a quick click and a swipe they can message our Event Supervisors and Technicians. All supervisors and technicians have wrist receivers, which are similar to a smart watch, that alert them to a message and so the team can then ensure the requests are dealt with in a timely manner and by the relevant person be it catering, technical support or first aid. This ensures that the organiser doesn’t need to leave the room and UVB can provide an efficient service thus improving the whole delegate experience, especially when they have many events happening over two buildings.

Advancements in technology have also made it possible to operate this system over a cellular network thus providing a very long range (VLR) which overcomes the problem of operating across the different Wi-Fi networks in UVBs two buildings. This means it’s possible to send a message from the very top of the Library of Birmingham to a technician in the basement in The REP. The range is limitless, and while UVB haven’t tried it yet, the current distance record is around 7000 miles.

Suzanna Reid Barreiro da Silva, Commercial Director commented:

“Whilst we’ve enhanced the experience for delegates and clients, the investment in this technology for our employees has also had significant impact. The team worked with Dinggly to ensure they developed a system that would work for everyone.

“The smart technology has enabled faster communication and quicker response times for our teams. It’s allowed them to be more mobile across the two buildings and improved team delivery. Clients are impressed with this easy to use new technology too. So, while we’re very much a people led business, technology has helped us remain on top of customer service.

“Our reputation is paramount here are UVB and we like to be at the forefront of technology that will enhance the conference and events offer to our clients.”

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