The Business of Events has confirmed The Belfry Hotel & Resort as its latest official UK Policy Forum partner. As one of the country’s leading resorts and a major regional hub for meetings and events, The Belfry will contribute invaluable insights and expertise to support discussions focused on the ongoing growth of the industry.

The invitation only UK Policy Forum will take place at IET London: Savoy Place on 08 November 2023 as part of International Trade Week (ITW). The forum aims to enhance the policy work conducted by The Business of Events, ultimately contributing to the growth and prosperity of the events industry.

Martin Fullard, Director, News & Content at The Business of Events and Davies Tanner said: "The Belfry Hotel and Resort is a key venue in the UK, and one of most strategic venues in the Midlands. It exemplifies the future of our industry with its strong emphasis on sustainability, future-building, and a commitment to excellence in service.

"The Belfry is a bellwether for business and events activity and sentiment, particularly in regions outside of London. Their extensive experience and dedication make them a valuable partner, supporting us to shape policy initiatives that will benefit the wider events sector.

“We are grateful for their partnership as we work towards a brighter and more sustainable future for our industry."

Katie Niland, Sales Director at The Belfry said: “In order to continue to build on our success and ensure effective growth of our industry, we need to maintain an up-to-date view of the bigger industry picture and ensure the nuances of the meetings and events landscape are represented and communicated in discussions. The UK Policy Forum provides an unmatched platform for us to contribute to driving UK policy change and conversation for business events.”




  1. josepsfs
    The Belfry Hotel & Resort's partnership with The Business of Events UK Policy Forum is a promising step towards the revival of the events and hospitality industry. In the wake of challenging times, such collaborations are crucial for the sector's recovery and growth.

    The Belfry, known for its world-class facilities and service, is a perfect host for events and conferences, making it an ideal partner for The Business of Events UK Policy Forum. This partnership signifies a commitment to providing top-notch event experiences for attendees, which is essential for the success of any event.

    As the events industry adapts to the changing landscape, the support and collaboration between key players like The Belfry and event forums like The Business of Events UK are essential.
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