We are delighted to confirm that the Inside Warehouse Logistics Expo (IWLEX) will be moving to NAEC Stoneleigh in May 2024. As the UK’s only exhibition dedicated to warehouse operations and logistics, IWLEX 2024 will provide the perfect opportunity to network with industry professionals and other likeminded individuals. This year’s exhibition will be a celebration of the UK Warehousing sector, where will visitors get to see hundreds of exhibitors featuring the best products, services, and innovations all in one place.

Venue Sales Executive, Ed Ball, commented, “We are over the moon to welcome the fantastic team at IWLEX for their event in May 2024. After a successful launch show at a previous venue in 2023, our central location and ease of accessibility will create the perfect platform to support the show’s growth here at NAEC Stoneleigh.”

Managing Director of IWLEX, Nairn Foster, commented, “We are building on the amazing launch and success of IWLEX 2023, which was shaped by the industry, for the industry.  Situated only minutes from Coventry and located in the heart of the “Golden Logistics Triangle” the NAEC Stoneleigh is a perfect location for us evolve IWLEX.  We look forward to supporting and celebrating everything that is great about the UK Warehousing sector on 14th and 15th May 2024”.

To learn more about IWLEX 2024, visit their https://www.iwlex.co.uk/homepage

To learn more about NAEC Stoneleigh, visit www.naecstoneleigh.co.uk or search for NAEC Stoneleigh on social media.




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    It's great to hear about the upcoming Inside Warehouse Logistics Expo (IWLEX) 2024 moving to NAEC Stoneleigh in May 2024. Events like IWLEX are essential for industry professionals to network, share innovations, and stay updated on the latest trends in warehouse operations and logistics.

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  3. Derek
  4. leobrit
    The Inside Warehouse Logistics Expo (IWLEX) 2024 has made the move to NAEC Stoneleigh in Coventry, marking a significant shift for the event. This relocation is expected to have various implications for the expo, including its accessibility, facilities, and potential impact on the industry: https://bookwormlab.com/. The decision to move IWLEX to NAEC Stoneleigh likely stems from a range of factors, such as the venue’s capacity, location, and amenities. Understanding the significance of this move requires an exploration of the event’s history, the features of NAEC Stoneleigh, and the potential benefits for participants and stakeholders.

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