Whether it’s an office Christmas party or a team meal out, The Cube in Birmingham has options to suit all party sizes and preferences, and is conveniently located right in the centre of the city.

Lane7 packages

One of the most exciting and unique venues in the city, retro bowling alley and arcade Lane7 is a huge contender for any Christmas party venue. Catering for groups of between 2-600 people, the venue offers a range of packages which feature bowling, shuffleboard and beer pong, all accompanied by your choice of cocktails or prosecco to get the festivities flowing. View the full package deals and see more details on how to book on their website www.lane7.co.uk.

Christmas dining options

For both office parties and festive catch-ups, The Cube has some great options. For an unexpected festive dining experience, let the wonderful team at Shogun Teppanyaki transport you to the delicious world of Japanese cuisine through their immersive, theatrical cooking and fresh, seasonal flavours, see their website www.shoguncube.com for more information.

If you’re looking for a more traditional sit-down meal this Christmas, celebrate in style at Marco Pierre White’s with their mouth-watering dishes, accompanied by unrivalled panoramic views of the city. The new festive menu has also now launched, featuring dishes such as roast free-range turkey with all the trimmings and woodland mushroom risotto – see the full menu and book your table at www.mpwrestaurants.co.uk.

Festive stays

If you’re planning to make a night of it, then take a look at the Cube Hotel. There are 52 beautifully sculptured boutique bedrooms and suites to choose from, and every room is equipped with Cloud 9 beds, a complimentary mini bar and personal media hubs. For more details or to book your stay, visit www.bespokehotels.com/cubehotel.

Doug Wattleworth, Director of Facilities at The Cube, said: “Christmas is always a magical time here at The Cube, and this year we are really excited to welcome parties of all sizes into the exciting venues we have on offer.

“The Cube is a unique landmark in the city, and with so many culinary options to choose from alongside our hidden gem Lane7, we look forward to welcoming both new and returning faces through the doors for a festive celebration to be remembered!”

View the full list of The Cube’s tenants and more information about the facilities at www.thecube.co.uk.




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