Warwick Conferences has announced a new online recipe database to allow delegates to check for known allergens present in the meals prepared onsite.

The new recipe database will provide access to information about the allergens present in every meal prepared by members of Warwick Conferences’ team.

Organisers will now have the option to work closely with the restaurant team, should the menu be unsuitable for their delegates. Here, the chefs will be able to then adapt a selection of meals, tailored to individual dietary requirements.

Additionally, tablets will be available at all of Warwick Conferences’ onsite restaurants via QR codes, allowing delegates to quickly review their meal of choice before they make their decision. Using the online database tool Kafoodle, the site will be continuously updated to include new additions to the menu, as well as changes of suppliers and ingredients to ensure all dishes and their ingredients are up to date and complete transparency is provided.

Clive Singleton, Head of Conferences and Event Catering at Warwick Conferences commented: “We have always prided ourselves on our fantastic credentials when it comes to the food we offer. Through this new database, we will be able to give delegates and organisers even more clarity over the ingredients used in each meal expertly crafted by our award-winning chefs. The database is currently being implemented onsite, ready for the new year where the QR codes will be in operation.”

Warwick Conferences already boasts impressive food credentials, working with all suppliers to purchase food sustainably. All meat procured, for example, is from farms satisfying UK Animal Welfare standards.

Its team of chefs also includes award-winning Chef De Partie, David Webb. Last year, David represented Warwick Conferences at the International Association of Conference Centre’s (IAAC) Americas Connect conference in Las Vegas after being crowned the 2022 UK Conference Chef of the Year.

Clive continued: “This database is another way that Warwick Conferences is striving to ensure delegates and organisers have everything that they need to make planning an event as streamlined as possible. Having all the data of our wide selection of meals is vital for delegates to safely eat and focus their energy on their event.

“This is only the beginning of an exciting plan to offer complete transparency when it comes to our food. Over the next few months, we will be working towards providing the calculation and carbon rating on menus, which we hope will further support companies towards their sustainability commitments.”

For more information on Warwick Conferences’ food and dining options, please visit https://warwick.ac.uk/services/conferences/spaces/food


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