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Self-Guided and Virtual Walking Tour - Birmingham's Central Squares

Self-Guided and Virtual Walking Tour - Birmingham's Central Squares

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Walk this city….. Virtual walking tour of Birmingham

Come with us and do a great walking tour of Birmingham city centre today without breaking those Coronavirus social distancing regulations!

Yes, a new virtual walking tour of Birmingham city centre is now available to book from the Visit Birmingham tourism site. The only ‘experience’ you can still do in Birmingham during the Coronavirus lock down and now with FREE tickets for everyone while the Covid-19 lock-down is in place!

The tours have been produced by Positively Birmingham walking tours who have had to cancel all their real tours of the city due to the Coronavirus lock-down.  This first tour explores central squares in the city and looks at the history of Birmingham as well as the present day city.

Speaking of the new virtual tour Jonathan Berg, partner at Positively Birmingham Walking tours says: “We had to cancel a lot of pre-bookings for tours in coming months just as our city centre walking tours were really taking off. We were given an award at the West Midlands Tourism Awards one week and had closed up the shop just 10 days later! So, with no real tours to run we had plenty of time to invest in the idea of a self-guided walk – which is also a fantastic walk to do as a virtual tour of the city from the safety of your own home.

Positively Birmingham walking tours are based on the bestselling book ‘Positively Birmingham’. The walking tours recently won an award at 2020 West Midlands Tourism Awards.

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