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Uh oh, it’s the lunchtime hunger games. What to have? Decisions, decisions, decisions, and only 60 mins to grab something, sit, eat and be back at your desk. 

At GupShup we don’t think that’s right? We think you deserve more than a machine-made mass-produced sandwich. We have created a range of Japanese Sandos with the secret ingredient of Japanese SHOKUPAN bread. The most eaten bread in the land of the rising sun. And once you take a bite with our fillings you’ll know what all the fuss is about. It’s like eating a fluffy cloud, so light, airy and delicious. Combined with our GupShup Global spicy fillings and you’ll have a lunch experience like no other. Find out more at our website and follow us on Twitter.

Pick up from Stag Digbeth, Fargo’s, or order from Uber Eats.


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