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About us

Birmingham Convention Bureau

Having someone you can trust to help with your event planning is invaluable. Local knowledge, personal contacts and an instinctive sense for what will suit you best makes the Birmingham Convention Bureau the smart choice. Especially as most of our services are free!

Your style, your budget

We listen to your needs and deliver to them. The recommendations are ours, the final decision is yours.

It’s booked for you

Our accommodation reservation service means booking is available online in ‘real-time’, with enquiries answered via email. It’s simple and efficient.

Taking time out

We’ll take care of things like private lunches, team activities, excursions or evening entertainment – leaving you free to get on with more important things.

Talk to an event co-ordinator on +44 (0)21 202 5151, email or download the document below for further details on the Event Support Package ESP.